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What is the Online Education Initiative Course Exchange and how can it help me?

The goal of the OEI Course Exchange is to streamline CCC students’ completion of transfer degrees by giving them access to required courses online through other colleges when those courses are full or unavailable at their local campus – and to do it without students having to separately enroll at each college or reapply for financial aid.

How do I participate?

By using the Course Exchange, students at one college can register for online classes offered by another California Community College while they enroll in courses at their local college.

Students from a select group of California Community Colleges have already started using the Course Exchange to enroll in online courses that were not available at their local college.  During 2017 Spring term, students from Butte College, Coastline College, Foothill College, Fresno City College, Lake Tahoe Community College, Mt. San Jacinto College, Shasta College and Ventura College will all have access to the Course Exchange.  Only students at these colleges can participate initially and they must be registered in courses at their local college before they will be able to access the exchange.  Please contact your local college for more information.

More colleges will begin offering their students courses through the Course Exchange in the future.  Check back here for updates.

Interested in learning more?

Click for CCC Online Course Exchange Frequently Asked Questions